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I’m a Serial Enntrepreneur, Innvestor, & Motivational Speaker!

Lakshay Jain, is one of the youngest entrepreneur and a developer who began his journey at the age of 7 and now, at an age of 16, is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the world, has over 100 published projects, a title of 'The Youngest Web/App Developer In The World' and his own start up agency that goes by the name of 'Mevrex'.

Keeping in mind the melancholic crises that befell us, I established my own start up with one objective: To lift the fear of their ideas not receiving the required assistance off everyone's mind and to bring them closer to their dream.

Why am I doing this? Because I believe in the potency of ideas and words and how easily they can change the world with the proper guidance!

Facebook: @Lakshayjain05
Instagram: @Lakshayjain.1
Twitter: @Lakshayjain05
LinkedIn: Lakshay Jain
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Web Development

Designing & Developing websites with top priority on creative and unique designs for all of our clients, To bring their ideas into reality.

App Development

Making the User Interface and User experience in such a way that your potential customers will be the night sky and your App will be the moon to it.

Digital Marketing

Let your product or project reach its potential and maximise public interaction through our advanced digital marketing techniques.

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